5G-MOBIX is delighted to announce its participation in the 30th edition of the EuCNC conference, which is supported by the European Commission. Don’t miss the chance to join the workshop “5G for CCAM for Cross-Border Corridors”, jointly organised with 5G-CARMEN and 5GCroCo, visit 5G-MOBIX at its virtual stand and participate in a second workshop, where 5G-MOBIX will present its latest findings with other five EU projects.

5G-MOBIX will be presenting its results on 5G for CCAM in Cross-Border Corridors to cutting-edge research and world-renown industries and businesses at this year’s EuCNC conference, which will be held in virtual format. The conference focuses on all aspects of telecommunications ranging from 5G deployment and mobile IoT to 6G exploration and future communications systems and networks, including experimentation and testbeds, and applications and services.

5G-MOBIX activities during EuCNC 2021 consist of two workshops, scientific papers and a stand at the virtual exhibition.

The first workshop "5G for CCAM for Cross-Border Corridors", co-organised together with 5G-CARMEN and 5GCroCo, will bring together the experiences gained in the three projects, targeting a focused discussion on the technical challenges, considered solutions and most importantly, preliminary results from the ongoing cross-border trials along 5G cross-border corridors across Europe. The event will also offer the opportunity to consolidate views and promote the understanding of the various barriers and opportunities brought by 5G, for CCAM, exposing the first lessons learned from 5G network deployments and corresponding trials in these projects. In addition, discussions, including a panel, will explore the implications for the future of 5G deployment and the prospects for the support of seamless CCAM service provisioning.

This is a great opportunity for 5G-MOBIX to share its latest findings in the field of smart mobility also with a second workshop, titled “From 5G to 6G Automated and Intelligent SecuriTy”, which will feature EU projects INSPIRE-5Gplus, 5GASP, 5GZORRO, 5GROWTH and 5GENESIS.

Make sure to mark your calendar for 8-11 June. The 5G-MOBIX project looks forward to welcoming you to EuCnc 2021!