When it comes to building global mobility at European level, 5G will play a key role. The logistics of people and goods will have enormous growth potential in the next decade thanks to the definition of 5G standards. 5G-MOBIX Member AEVAC (Asociación Española del Vehículo Autónomo Conectado) shared the knowledge and progress achieved within the 5G-MOBIX European project at the International Congress on Fleet Management Technologies | Virtual Tech4Fleet in April, addressing the heads of different national entities in charge of new technological solutions and new energies applied to fleets and transport.

In a session titled “New technologies and energies in the fleet industry”, AEVAC highlighted the role that 5G will play in order to generate a common market at a logistic level and the potential it has at a business level.

“This event showed the effort that is being made by the European Union and the entire ecosystem of local entities to define 5G standards, and was a good opportunity to discuss the potential, especially within 5G-MOBIX, that investing in this type of technology has in transforming a country's economy.”, said David Fidalgo (AEVAC).

A recording of the round table is available in Spanish at this link.