The very last webinar in the SliceNet webinar series will discuss 5G Integrated Multi-Domain Slicing Friendly Infrastructure.

The presentation will be held by Navid Nikaein, Professor in Communication System Department at Eurecom, based in Nice, France. Mr. Nikaein will describe the design and prototyping of 5G integrated multi-domain SliceNet infrastructure based on opensource software platforms.

He will also present information on radio access networks (RAN), Core Network (CN), multi-access edge computing (MEC), and xhaul domains that are customized to experimentally validate different use cases considered in SliceNet (e.g. e-health). He will highlight how SliceNet addresses end-to-end (E2E) network slices from the network operator, infrastructure provider and service provider point of view. The technical achievements and innovation focusing on the system integration and demonstration will be presented.

This webinar is aimed at developers and designers both in vertical industries and research, interested in 5G system integration and frameworks.

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