SliceNet are hosting a webinar series to show the outcomes and achievements from the various work packages and working groups in the project.

SliceNet Webinar 2

This presentation will describe how SliceNet’s Cognition Sub-Plane enables 5G network slice management using machine learning to identify problems and policy driven remedial actuations to fix problems. It will describe the role played by the sub-plane addressing slice management within the three SliceNet use cases, namely Smart Grid, eHealth, and Smart City.

Webinar Title: Cognitive, Service-Level QoE Management
Presenter: Kenneth Nagin, IBM
Date: 17 March 2020, 11:00 – 12:00 CET


Objectives, requirements and challenges for cognitive sub-plane
Technical approaches for design and prototyping
Technical achievements in QoE Management
Summary of innovations in SliceNet cognitive, QoE Management

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