5G-MOBIX Final Event - Breaking Boundaries with 5G

13-14 September 2022
CTAG, Porriño / International Bridge Tui-Valença (Spain-Portugal)

5G-MOBIX matched the benefits of 5G connectivity with Connected Automated Mobility (CAM) services and functionalities in cross-border conditions across the EU, in Turkey, China and Korea.

The project presented their final results and lessons learnt. The event was the opportunity to learn about the trials outcome, tested solutions, experiences and best practices from all Trial Sites and Cross-border Corridors. Participants also enjoyed live demonstrations, including across the border between Spain and Portugal.

The first day had a more technical focus and rather targeted stakeholders interested to discuss the detailed technical outcomes of the trials (detailed programme hereunder). The second day (on invitation only) was aimed at the press, public and high-level stakeholders.

Watch the Final Event highlights video

Programme 13 September 2022

9:00 CET/ 8:00 GMT Welcome & opening (@CTAG, Porriño)

  • Welcome from the Host
  • Agenda presentation

9:15 CET 5G-MOBIX results & lessons learnt

11:00 CET Coffee break
11:30 CET Demonstrations on CTAG’s tracks and tour of the Trial Sites stand

  • Lane Merge use case
    The autonomous vehicle in mixed traffic with non-connected vehicles receives through
    5G the position information of these vehicles on the main lanes of e.g. a motorway,
    predicts their trajectories and adapts speed for safe merging manoeuvre.
  • Overtaking use case
    The autonomous vehicle sensors view is blocked and it receives from nearby
    connected vehicles via the 5G network information to perform safe overtaking
  • HD Maps use case
    The autonomous vehicle receives from the traffic management centre information on
    roadworks ahead; comparing it with its own map information, it concludes that its
    internal map is out of date and prompts the driver to take control and begins to
    record what the sensors are seeing as new. This new map is sent back via the 5G
    network to nearby vehicles so that they can autonomously overcome the roadworks.

13:00 CET Lunch
13:30 CET Transport to International Bridge Tui-Valença
13:45 CET Demonstration at the International Bridge Tui-Valença ("old bridge")

  • Remote driving use case
    The autonomous shuttle in autonomous mode is on meeting an obstacle
    remotely steered by the Control Centre supported by the low latency of the 5G
  • Speed adaptation based on Vulnerable Road User use case
    The autonomous shuttle crosses the border along the bridge in autonomous mode
    and slows down or comes to a complete stop to avoid a pedestrian (pedestrian
    detection - shuttle anti-collision system - and position - pedestrian's phone -
    information exchanged over 5G).

16:00 CET Transport to the Ponte nova Tui-Valença ("new bridge")
16:15 CET Demonstration at the New Bridge
17:00 CET Transport back to CTAG for a networking cocktail

Programme 14 September 2022 (on invitation only)

9:30 CET/ 8:30 GMT Welcome & opening (@Teatro Municipal Tui, Spain)

11:30 CET Live demonstration “Autonomous Shuttle manoeuvres in cross-border areas” (@
International Bridge Tui-Valença) (cf. use cases described above)

13:00 CET Transport to CTAG & lunch (Porriño, Spain)
14:00 CET Demonstrations on CTAG’s tracks (cf. use cases described above)