Webinar 5G-MOBIX German Trial Site's results and lessons learnt on 5G for CAM

22 June 2022, 10:00-11:30 CET

The 5G-MOBIX EC project trials have been assessing the added value of 5G connectivity for connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) services and functionalities in cross-border conditions. 5G-MOBIX trial sites include two Cross-Border Corridors (Greece-Turkey and Spain-Portugal) and six local Trial Sites in France, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, China and South Korea (bringing complementary insights to the cross-border issues trialed at the Corridors).

The German Trial Site is holding a webinar to present the outcome of their trials and results obtained. The 5G-MOBIX Trial Site in Berlin looked into the benefits of 5G services in providing extended sensor data to address QoS limitation of current 4G networks, namely for platooning use cases with SAE L-4 vehicles.

The webinar will also include presentation of the recorded video footage of the tested solutions and a Q&A session to exhaust all questions on our experts’ work and lessons learnt.


  • Opening - Sebastian Peters, TUB
  • Market needs and industrial motivation - Christian Müller-Hirschkorn, VALEO
  • Introduction to German Trial Site - Sebastian Peters, TUB
  • 5G for CCAM solutions - Sebastian Peters, TUB & Angel Martin, Vicomtech
  • Trial results - Fikret Sivrikaya, GT ARC
  • Lessons Learned - Gorka Velez, Vicomtech
  • Q&A


Sebastian Peters received the engineering degree in 2010 from TU Berlin and works in the Future Communication Systems group of DAI Labor, leading the 5G activities across multiple EU and national funded research projects. With his 10 years+ experience in project management of research projects he is currently leading the German trial site consortium in the 5G-MOBIX project and was also responsible for leading the CCAM deployment task in 5G-MOBIX.

Christian Müller-Hirschkorn has been Lead Engineer at Valeo since 2019. Before then, he was a Post-doctoral researcher at Max-Planck Institute for the Science of Light (Erlangen). He has a Ph.D. degree in Physics from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Dr. Angel Martin is Senior Researcher at Vicomtech. He received his engineering degree in 2003 from the University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain and the PhD in 5G domain in 2018 from UPV. His research interests are in the areas of video streaming and QoE in 5G networks. He has been involved in different 5GPPP projects such as CogNet, 5GMOBIX, 5GMETA, European projects. In 5G-MOBIX, he is involved in the development of media streaming and the 5G experimentation testbed topics.

Dr. Fikret Sivrikaya is the research director of GT-ARC, an ICT research institute affiliated with TU Berlin. He received the Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from RPI, New York, in 2007 and the Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Bosphorus University, Istanbul, in 2000. Besides contributing to the German trial site activities, he has been leading the deployment planning and coordination task in 5G-MOBIX.

Dr. Gorka Vélez is currently leading the Connected and Cooperative Situation Awareness research line at the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Engineering department of Vicomtech. He also represents Vicomtech in the ETSI ITS Working Groups and in the 5G-PPP CAM Working Group. In 5G-MOBIX, he led the use cases definition task, and he currently leads the Vicomtech team.