Autonomous mobility milestones in Spain

5G-MOBIX member AEVAC shared on 14 July 2021 key points of their study on the complexity of the worldwide development activity in highly automated vehicles.

The development and deployment of such activities are rapidly accelerating in Asia (especially China and Singapore) and North America (especially California). In these territories, in fact, there is an initial collaboration between key stakeholders, such as technology developers, manufacturers, policy makers, infrastructure authorities, legislators, insurers, service providers and the public.

In Spain, greater collaboration will be necessary to achieve the technological maturity to guarantee a secure implementation of such services. Without standards, development and implementation are likely to be delayed, putting much of the investment made to date at risk. This work implies international collaboration, otherwise, the leading territories will define the standards to be followed for the rest of the world. Bringing stakeholders together will also facilitate the education that will be needed.

The video below (in Spanish) summarises the autonomous mobility milestones in Spain up to date.