5G-MOBIX discusses the challenges and recommendations to 5G for CAM in Cross-border scenarios

On 14 July, 5G-MOBIX held a webinar titled “Challenges and recommendations to 5G for CAM deployment in Cross-border scenarios”. Attended by over 100 stakeholders, the webinar focused on the analysis of the challenges surrounding 5G for CAM deployment in cross border scenarios, as well as recommendations on Deployment Enablers stemming from the experience of the project.

Challenges, recommendations, prioritisation, business and cooperation models, stakeholder motivation and requirements: 5G-MOBIX’ latest webinar provided a holistic overview and discussion on the deployment of 5G for CAM in cross-border scenarios. Representatives from ICCS, INTRASOFT, CTAG, AEVAC, FORD, DETECON and Catapult all provided their latest input regarding the preparation of the path to the deployment of cross-border 5G for CAM to build trust on the topic.

Highlight of the webinar was the presentation of the early results from a pre-deployment study for selected European Cross-Border Corridors and the discussion on the potential for integration of SatCom to improve coverage in Cross-Border Corridors.

All presentations and the recording are available on 5G-MOBIX’ webinar section.