5G-MOBIX survey to analyze business model of 5G-CAM

5G-MOBIX plans to demonstrate the potential of different 5G features to bring automated driving to the next level of vehicle automation, through trials on real European roads, along cross-border and local corridors. 5G core technological innovations are used to qualify the 5G infrastructure, evaluate its benefits in the Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) context, and create sustainable business models to develop 5G corridors.

In this survey, 5G-MOBIX tries to elaborate business perspectives of various stakeholder, how they see value proposition, who are the key partners for them, what are the challenges on business level, what are their key resources to achieve 5G-CAM application, network, equipment etc.

The survey is targeted at 5G or CAM ecosystem stakeholders and differentiates between different categories with a tailored questionnaire for each. This survey is anonymous and takes ~10 minutes to complete: https://survey.list.lu/index.php/723772?lang=en

The survey results will be published as part of the 5G-MOBIX "Final report on the business models for cross border 5G deployment enabling CCAM" which will be made publicly available in the 5G-MOBIX website.