Policy recommendations for 5G deployment - A shared perspective from 5G-LOGINNOV and 5G-MOBIX

11:00 AM – 12:30 AM CEST

The webinar will present common policy recommendations stemming from the 5GLOGINNOV project and its counterpart, 5G-MOBIX. Both projects share a common goal of leveraging 5G core technologies to enhance various aspects of transportation and connectivity.

5G-LOGINNOV focuses on integrating and validating port and logistics operations using 5G, IoT, data analytics, and CCAM technologies. By deploying 11 families of use cases, the project aims to optimize operations, reduce environmental impact, and foster economic growth through 5G core technologies. The project’s recommendations offer guidance for emerging European 5G core technologies, enhancing logistics and port hubs. In parallel, 5G-MOBIX concentrates on 5G-based CAM deployments in cross-border regions, with recommendations derived from extensive tests. These suggestions tackle challenges in deployment, data, application interoperability, cybersecurity, aiming to ensure seamless CAM service connectivity across borders.

While one centres on transport and the other on cross-corridor, both projects share a vision of leveraging 5G core advancements for efficient, eco-friendly transportation and economic growth. The webinar underscores the shared vision of these projects and their contributions to the advancement of 5G technology in their respective domains.

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