Press releases

Testing 5G-enabled CAM functionalities in cross-border scenarios: 5G-MOBIX announces the first-ever public demonstration across the Greece -Turkey border
Publication date | 10 May 2022

Is it possible for a truck to cross the busy Greek -Turkish border seamlessly, without (any action from the) driver or requirement to stop? Today the Greek and Turkish partners of the 5G-MOBIX project will demonstrate exactly that and convince the public that connected and automated mobility (CAM) is not some futuristic scenario but is occurring now, even under challenging circumstances such as crossing hard land borders.

Working together on 5G: Three cross border and corridor projects launched at ICT2018
Publication date | 19 June 2019

The objectives of the three projects were highlighted during the ICT2018 conference in Vienna

ERTICO announces the start of 5G-MOBIX
Publication date | 19 June 2019

ERTICO – ITS Europe is delighted to announce the start of the eagerly awaited 5G-MOBIX project, officially launched in Brussels on 27th November 2018.