Papers and journals

Evaluation platform for 5G vehicular communications

Publication date | 17 October 2022

Authors: Jose Santa, Konstantinos V. Katsaros, Luis Bernal-Escobedo

5G for CAM: A Deployment Metastudy

Publication date | 26 August 2022

A synthesis of three Pan-European studies on 5G deployment for connected, automated mobility in border regions

CCAM Service Continuity in a Cross-Border MEC Federation Scenario

Publication date | 11 July 2022

The paper proposes and implements a new architecture for CCAM Service Continuity in Cross-Border Corridors that combines a federation of Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) concepts.

White Paper From 5G to 6G Vision - A Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) perspective

Publication date | 09 June 2022

White Paper published by 5G for CAM Working Group of the 6G-IA on 6G implications for CAM

A Control Method with Reinforcement Learning for Urban Un-Signalized Intersection in Hybrid Traffic Environment

Publication date | 20 January 2022

This study proposes a coordinated control method with proximal policy optimization (PPO) in Vehicle-Road-Cloud Integration System (VRCIS), where this control problem is formulated as a reinforcement learning (RL) problem.

Design and Evaluation of Remote Driving Architecture on 4G and 5G Mobile Networks

Publication date | 11 January 2022

This article examines the remote driving application and network-level performance of remote driving on a recently deployed sub-6-GHz commercial 5G stand-alone (SA) mobile network

Resource Management in Converged Optical and Millimeter Wave Radio Networks: A Review

Publication date | 27 December 2021

This article presents a review of how resource management solutions have dealt with optimizing millimeter wave radio and optical resources from an autonomic network management perspective.

TinyML-Based Fall Detection for Connected Personal Mobility Vehicles

Publication date | 07 December 2021

This article presents a novel on-device Machine Learning (ML)-based fall detection system that analyzes data captured from a range of sensors integrated on an on-board unit (OBU) prototype.

A Graph-Based Optimal On-Ramp Merging of Connected Vehicles on the Highway

Publication date | 16 November 2021

The study proposes a graph-based method to coordinate CAVs to merge at the highway ramp.

A Particle Swarm Optimisation with Linearly Decreasing Weight for Real-Time Traffic Signal Control

Publication date | 10 November 2021

This paper proposes a particle swarm optimisation with linearly decreasing weight (LDW-PSO) to tackle the signal intersection control problem, where a finite-interval model and an objective function are built to minimise spoilage time.

Learning-based decentralized offloading decision making in an adversarial environment

Publication date | 01 November 2021

This article develops a new adversarial online learning algorithm with bandit feedback based on the adversarial multi-armed bandit theory, to enable scalable and low-complexity offloading decision making.

5G-MOBIX: CAM Deployment Study

Publication date | 01 October 2021

Assessing CAM and the 5G Infrastructure Investment Delta in European Border Corridors

5G MEC-enabled vehicle discovery service for streaming-based CAM applications

Publication date | 28 September 2021

Authors: Gorka Velez, Josu Perez & Angel Martin - Published on: Multimedia Tools and Applications (2021)

A parametric quality model to evaluate the performance of tele-operated driving services over 5G networks

Publication date | 24 July 2021

This article presents a parametric model to quantify the Key Quality Indicators which affect video-based Tele-operated Driving (ToD) over a mobile network.

IEEE 5G Virtual Summit on Connected and Automated Mobility - Papers

Publication date | 15 June 2021

This section collects the set of papers presented during the IEEE 5G Virtual Summit on Connected and Automated Mobility , which took place on 11 and 12 May 2021.

The European 5G Annual Journal 2021

Publication date | 28 May 2021

In the timeframe of this annual report the last set of 5G PPP projects have started. These projects cover vital areas such as 5G innovations for verticals with third party services (ICT-41), 5G core technologies innovation (ICT-42) and, Smart Connectivity beyond 5G (ICT-52).

Inter-PLMN Mobility Management Challenges for Supporting Cross-Border Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM)Over 5G Networks

Publication date | 28 May 2021

The work presented in this study attempts to analyse the requirements for cross-border CAM operation for the five main CAM use cases selected by3GPP, based on input from key European stakeholders (Network Operators, vendors, Automotive Manufacturers etc.).

A Collaborative Merging Strategy with Lane Changing in Multilane Freeway On-Ramp Area with V2X Network

Publication date | 10 May 2021

Acknowledgments This research was derived from the Advanced Driving Use Case in the 5G-MOBIX project. The 5G-MOBIX project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program. The content only reflects the author’s views.

Vehicular Communication Management Framework: A Flexible Hybrid Connectivity Platform for CCAM Services

Publication date | 26 March 2021

Dries Naudts, Vasilis Maglogiannis, Seilendria Hadiwardoyo, Daniel van den Akker, Simon Vanneste, Siegfried Mercelis, Peter Hellinckx, Bart Lannoo, Johann Marquez-Barja and Ingrid Moerman

A New Approach to Data Sharing and Distributed Ledger Technology: A Clinical Trial Use Case

Publication date | 01 February 2021

David F. Ferraiolo, Joanna F. DeFranco, D. RIchard Kuhn, and Joshua D. Roberts, edited by Latif Ladid (University of Luxembourg)

2021 Internet Perspectives

Publication date | 01 February 2021

INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVE/Edited by Latif Ladid (University of Luxembourg)

Evaluation of a zone encryption scheme for vehicular networks

Publication date | 09 December 2020

Authors: Jorge Gallego-Madrid, Ramon Sanchez-Iborra, Jose Santa, Antonio F. Skarmeta-Gomez

5G Beyond 3GPP Release 15 for Connected Automated Mobility in Cross-Border Contexts

Publication date | 19 November 2020

Technical/scientific publication. Authors: Gorka Velez, Ángel Martín, Giancarlo Pastor and Edward Mutafungwa.

Multiobjective Optimization of Uplink NOMA-Enabled Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication

Publication date | 29 April 2020

This article provides a novel multiobjective optimization framework for vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications to improve upon the sum-rate and energy efficiency of uplink NOMA-enabled V2I communications.

Route-based Radio Coverage Analysis of Cellular Network Deployments for V2N Communication

Publication date | 21 November 2019

Author: Aalto University I Published in: IEEE International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking, and Communications

Chameleon: Latency and Resolution Aware Task Offloading for Visual-Based Assisted Driving

Publication date | 22 July 2019

This paper presents Chameleon, a novel solution for task offloading for visual-based assisted driving.

LPWAN-Based Vehicular Monitoring Platform with a Generic IP Network Interface

Publication date | 11 January 2019

This paper presents a vehicular monitoring platform enabled by LPWAN-based technology, namely Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN).