Assisted “zero-touch” border crossing for CCAM – Large scale demo

In the context of the H2020 ICT-18-2018 5G MOBIX project, WINGS ICT solutions is leading the 2nd use case of the Greek-Turkish cross-border corridor entitled “Assisted -zero touch border-crossing & increased cooperative awareness. Within this context WINGS has developed an On-Board Unit (OBU) to collect data from the vehicle’s ECU and from multiple connected sensors (accelerometer, LIDAR, CO2, NFC, etc.) and transmit them over 5G connectivity. The WINGS Cloud / Edge platform performs predictive analytics based on ML mechanisms and determines a threat level for all incoming vehicles. In this way, human or cargo smuggling attempts may be a priori detected while customs personnel may also be protected. Zero-touch border crossing (no manual inspection) is offered to vehicles that clear all remote checks.