Collision Avoidance application using 5G

Internet service provider KPN together with VTT and TNO tested a collision avoidance application using 5G at the 5G-MOBIX Netherlands Trial Site.

The Collision avoidance application is developed by VTT and can run as an app on the network edge and in the vehicles. The application can be used with both short range and long range communication. When used in the vehicles with short range communication, the vehicles themselves will detect a possible collision and then negotiate a new route to prevent it. Using the 5G network for long range communication, the application runs at the edge detecting possible collisions and directing the vehicles to safer routes. This can be of use at future intersections where you have lots of vehicles that need to cross simultaneously.

As vehicles will be connected to different networks in the future, the tests were also performed with two separate networks. One network from the TNO and one from KPN both of which use a 5G radio and 5G core with KPN using a 5G core from Ericsson with an edge nearby the test location. During the tests, both vehicles were connected to a different network, and a federation between message brokers was used to exchange the messages between them.

You can watch the video here.