The Jinan urban trial site is located in Shandong Academy of Sciences, which is the north-western part of Shandong province, about 400 kilometres south of the national capital of Beijing. The area of present-day Jinan has played an important role in the history of the region from the earliest beginnings of civilization and has evolved into a major national administrative, economic, and transportation hub. The local climate is ideal for evaluation of 5G-MOBIX CCAM.

The Jinan trial site has two main road equipped with 5G V2X communication infrastructure by CATT and Cell LTE-V infrastructure supported by China Unicom. Therefore, the Jinan trial site is well equipped and ready for advanced test and evaluation of 5G technologies through the following use cases: Automated driving (automated overtake and cooperative collision avoidance); Road safety and traffic efficiency services; Digitalization of transport and V2X in areas outside network coverage.