The French urban trial site comprises of two locations: the first one being a test track located in Versailles Satory where all preliminary (and complementary) tests and trials will take place; the second one is one of VEDECOM’s test and demo sites situated between the campus of Paris-Saclay University (Polytechnique) and the train station Massy-Palaiseau. The first is on closed roads (private test tracks), the latter is composed of urban and semi-rural roads (both separated lanes and open road are available).

The concept proposed by VEDECOM who is leading the trial for 5G-MOBIX considers 5G communication technologies to provide innovative connectivity services by deploying two use cases which are going to be performed with prototypes of L3 L4 automated vehicles. The first use case focuses on VRU protection and using 5G for information exchange among road participants while the second looks into the remote control and teleoperation of vehicles by the fleet operator.