Greece – Turkey

The Greece – Turkey cross-border corridor is located in the South-Eastern borders of Europe providing a strategic geo-political environment (rigorous border checks, border gates, customs, etc.).

These unique conditions make it a fruitful testing ground for the operation of CCAM use cases at EU border conditions, and how the involved stakeholders should adapt to accommodate such functionality.

As these borders are main arteries of trade, truck platooning use cases are of extreme importance.

The use of advanced 5G enabled vertical technologies (IoT, wearables, AI) on top of such automated driving scenarios is crucial to facilitate traffic, operations and border management.

The participation of the two largest MNOs in Greece and Turkey respectively and the guaranteed cell-edge conditions to be created at the border, will provide important insights into the limits of coverage and performance that can be expected by 5G technology and the level of support provided for CCAM use cases.