The Netherlands

The Dutch (inter-)urban and Motorway trial site is in the High-tech area of Eindhoven-Helmond, also referred to as Brainport. This location has been the centre of C-ITS deployment and other technology developments for Automated Driving, and as a result offers many test facilities for CCAM including road exemptions for mixed traffic experiments. The road network considered is a combination of campus and residential roads, (inter-)urban roads with C-ITS equipped intersections and a 6 km motorway with full coverage of C-ITS connectivity and camera surveillance.

Combining a variety of roads in Urban, Inter-Urban and Motorway with a high share of C-ITS installations, the Dutch trial concerns enabling high level Automated Driving on intersections, support mixed traffic Level 4 Automated Driving on inter-urban roads and motorways, and providing unmanned valet services in residential and campus environments. 5G technologies will enable new automated driving functions and (cooperative) collision avoidance functions, and will additionally exploit existing (cooperative) road-side information and sources from legacy vehicles.